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Frequently Asked Questions:

I forgot my password / my password doesn't work
Passwords are CaSe SEnsiTive! click here for our password reminder

Can I use FTP to upload/what are my FTP details?
you can use FTP by connecting to the address or your site with your username and password.

Help! I need help to build my website!
We regret we cannot help you with HTML or design if you need help we suggest you make a website at

Can I design my site myself and upload via FTP?
Yes simply FTP to your site with your username and password (username and password are case sensitive)

How do I change my username, url or password?
You cannot change your URL or Username but you are welcome to signup a new account. To change your password or email please see edit your info.

How do I delete my webpage/account?
To delete your account login to edit your info and choose the account delete option.

I need a CGI-BIN, or PHP or MySQL etc
Sorry but currently we do not support user scripts or access to the MySQL database. The sitebuilder software has a number of ready made scripts you can install on your website and you are welcome to add remote third party scripts or script hosting services on your pages.

Can I use microsoft frontpage to edit my new web site? do you support MS extentions?
To upload your webpage in Frontpage or other web design software enter your FTP details into the software. We do not support MS Frontpage extentions.

I would like to add some stats or a counter to my page
You can add a third party counter to your page: google free web counter

Can I add my own banners to my page?
Yes you can add your own banners to your page as long as they don't interfere with our banners.

Do I get money for the banners on my page? Can I remove your banners?
We do not give you any money for the banners shown on your page that is how we support the free service. You may not remove the banners but in future there maybe an inexpensive paid hosting option without banners.

I cannot upload ZIP (or other extension) file
These are the allowed extentions: jpg|jpeg|png|gif|html|htm|txt|swf|css|js|mpg|mp3|mpeg|wmv|avi
You may not upload other peoples copyright material.

How much webspace/bandwidth can I use? is it realy unlimited? You are permitted to use as much as you like as long as your site is properly functionning and legal web site. Sites that are primarily download sites for media that cause improper bandwidth or disk usage maybe limited.

I have another question not coverred in this FAQ
Use this form to contact us for help. Your username is required so we can retrieve your email and other details to contact you back. Please note we cannot help you with non general website issues like HTML design, who to buy or sell advertising or e-commerce etc!


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