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  • We have zero tolerance of SPAM, promoting any Free Websites urls through off topic usenet posts and or unsolicited / opt-out emailing, chat spam or anything else considered spam will result in immediate termination of your account

  • Improper bandwidth or diskspace usage - free hosted sites that use abnormal bandwidth thru offering download of movie or other large files, improper compression of images, warez, mp3s etc are not welcome. Our system automatically determines levels of bandwidth use and sites that deviate a lot from normal website bandwidth patterns eg warez download sites are AUTOMATICALLY TERMINATED.

  • we are not responsible for any loss of earnings due to downtime, we are not responsible for loss of data or interuption of service, it is your responsibility to backup your site.

  • freewebsites.com is an advertising supported service and while we endevour not to alter the look of your site banner ads, popups or other revenue producing codes such as downloadable ad-serving applications maybe added to your pages.

  • any violation of the terms or actions we deem to be detrimental to the majority of legitimate users could result in immediate termination of your account and deletion of all files.

  • search engine spamming is not allowed, redirecting traffic is not allowed via javascripts to pay per click and other sites is not allowed.

  • please also read our privacy statement
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